Day 102 - Chaperoning Further (04/01/2018)

Chaperoning again today, except this time for the full day (8.15-5.30). I say full day - I didn’t arrive until nearly 9am due to gridlocked traffic around the university, which my bus seemed completely unable to deal with.

Regardless, it was another day of reassurance and registration. I spent more time on post watching the process being carried out today, which was very interesting. Given that I had a lot of time sitting around as a result, I made a start on the Block 3 reading - always trying to be productive (except when I’m not).

Once again, both myself and Tom got recognised by candidates from the blog and videos. Tom, for the record, I’m sorry for dragging you down with me. Personally I am of the opinion that having more candid portrayals of people (including ourselves) is extremely important for the success of the channel. It’s not supposed to be about the perfect medical student or anything even approaching that - it’s meant to follow the transition to graduate entry medicine and capture it as realistically as possible, which is why the content sometimes gets quite personal.

I’ve also gotten to know some of my coursemates better over the last couple of days, as well as some staff members, which feels somewhat bizarre. Everyone seems much less awkward, at least compared to how I would have been with relative strangers at 18. You just sort of accept that you don’t know much about one another and get on with whatever you’re supposed to be doing.