Day 98 - 17 going on 18 (31/12/2017)

The big NYE is here. I feel like lots of areas have their own little traditions - Scotland has Hogmanay, in Russia it’s the biggest event of the year (although I don’t know if it’s of the outgoing or incoming year in that case). In my small hometown however, that tradition is gathering on the roundabout in the centre, miserably realising that it’s mostly just clearly underage drinkers you don’t recognise and going home.

Drawing stomachs on the train

Drawing stomachs on the train

This year however, things were very different. It’s taken twenty years to change, but tonight I made my way up to Edinburgh to visit my friend Tom, who studies at the university. I managed to upgrade my standard train ticket to first class for the princely sum of 75p, which I suppose made the ‘free’ drink and sandwich a bargain.

The journey was sadly marred by some unfortunate soul having apparently thrown themselves in front of a train north of Newcastle. My train was stuck outside Newcastle for a little while, and then the service subsequently cancelled once we got onto the platform. I wasn’t sure initially that I’d be able to make it further north, but thankfully one line was opened and I got there eventually.

There was actually a large cohort of my schoolfriends there, a pleasant surprise. We each contributed a Tesco’s finest frozen pizza, resulting in way too much food for six or seven people, then made our way to a house party to while away the night. I got involved with the drinking games (bad move) and very quickly wound up with both pink hair spray and glitter all over my head. Not my best look, it must be said.

When midnight approached, we made our way through the central meadow towards Princess Street, reaching it just in time for the first fireworks. It was a marvellous display, and made the trip very much worth it - offered to take a picture for a couple stood nearby which came out rather spectacularly if I do say so myself (which I do).


Afterwards we made our way to Hive, a rather grimy nightclub which very much reminded me of my nights in Newcastle. Several regrettable drinks and hours later, we made it home, having relegated one particularly drunk member of our cohort to the other group to look after. ‘Particularly’ in this case doesn’t really indicate the magnitude at play here, but such are the limitations of my vocabulary. I should point out that I myself was sober and had been babysitting him for much of the night, but at least it was funny.