Year 2 Day 32 - Medic Family Dinner II (11/10/2018)

Much more virology today! We covered HIV, antiviral treatments and how to deal with fever of unknown origin - how to approach the diagnostic process and management etc.

Over lunch myself and two colleagues from NeuroSoc were selling raffle tickets outside the common room to raise money for events in the coming year - I think we actually ended up selling far more to staff than we did students. Curse this cashless society.

We also met our Clinical Personal Tutors in the afternoon! In Year 1 students are assigned a personal tutor, who is a general pastoral first point of contact for queries or concerns that develop. In Year 2, you are instead assigned a Clinical Personal Tutor (CPT) who performs a similar role but is based in whatever hospital the student is - in my case, that’s George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton.

Our tutor is a genuinely lovely orthopaedic surgeon, who gave us some really firm, solid advice on how to manage ourselves during the clinical phase and seemed keen to get to know us, preferably through experience in his operating theatre which suits me just fine.

The highlight though was our medic family dinner in the evening - myself and Tom (who you’ll have seen in the videos) have two first year boys to look after, and there was a large gathering (3 generations!) of family units in Earlsdon for a collective meal.

The food was absolutely incredible (here on a slideshow for you to enjoy) and a credit to Richard Lenton, who took the planning and cooking very much on himself. It was a four-course affair followed by a cheese board - the height of student decadence. We also decided that singing Auld Lang Syne in the middle of October at midnight was a good idea, so that happened too.