Year 2 Day 33 - Joe Bonamassa Trip IV (12/10/2018)

Today I caught the MegaBus to Nottingham to meet up with my father and younger brother - we were going to see blues guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa at the MotorPoint arena. It’s the fourth time me and my Dad have seen him and the third for my brother - big fans here. We’re all big fans of old-school blues-rock (think Hendrix, Clapton, Led Zeppelin and the like), so it was also very cool to see the keyboard player from Double Trouble as part of the band.


Nottingham itself was nice during the daytime - I wandered about a bit and made use of the trams, but once night fell it did feel notably unsafe. Admittedly this might just be a negative stereotype, but I was warned by one of my housemates not to walk alone at night. At least the hotel was pretty nice.