Year 2 Day 36 - Clinics (15/10/2018)

Monday Monday.

Back in hospital for my introduction to outpatient clinics, one of the compulsory signoffs. I was a bit apprehensive as some of my coursemates had reported this one as being fairly boring, or at least a gamble as to whether they would be or not.

Thankfully, I sat in on an IBD clinic - all patients had Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or both to varying degrees. Block 1 covered these conditions and gut anatomy, which thankfully I remembered quite a lot of.

My attire of choice - can’t yell at me for wearing a tie if it’s restrained

My attire of choice - can’t yell at me for wearing a tie if it’s restrained

The thing that really surprised me was how little relevancy to these consults those main conditions seemed to have - they’re autoimmune conditions that can flare in periods of stress. This meant that although control of the condition was somewhat routine by now for the patients, the upsets were all linked to sources of stress in their lives.

One of the consults also sparked a discussion between myself and the nurse about homeopathy and alternative medicine. Do medical professionals have an active duty to discourage patients from being suckered into these ‘treatments’ and if so, how do you do it in such a way so as not to make the patient non-receptive to the other advice you really need to give them?

Afternoon was bedside teaching, this time with an F2 doctor - less than two years out of medical school. It’s nice dealing with F1s and F2s because of how close they are relatively to us, that is to say real doctors but still with a long way to go in their careers.