Year 2 Day 38 - So Much Chicken (17/10/2018)

Okay, this is going to be a boring post but it’s about food so bear with me. I’ve done the maths over several large-scale cooks and it’s definitely more efficient buying whole chickens and butchering them yourself over buying pre-cut breast, for example. I basically planned a couple of weeks’ worth of meals and purely bought the ingredients for those, along with a few ‘just-in’case’ meals.


It seems expensive to bulk cook because of the upfront cost, but when that £60 shop will last 3 weeks easily, it makes the value really quite good. I also made banana, oat and honey cookies which were really rather delicious. So delicious in fact that the batch disappeared within an hour.

Looking this dumb goes with the territory really

Looking this dumb goes with the territory really

I’ve also been experimenting with a small action camera that can be attached pretty much anywhere you like - it’s been living on my bike for the last few days, but I did for my shame attach it to my helmet for the ride home today.