Year 2 Day 43 - Blue Sky Centre (22/10/2018)

Back in the hospital this morning, but on self-directed learning - for my sins I used this time to catch up on work from the previous week and prepare for the afternoon session. I did actually finish my work with some time to spare, so dashed to the wards and did get the chance to speak to a couple of patients so I’m glad I went.

In the afternoon I was given a tour of the Blue Sky Centre attached to George Eliot Hospital, a space dealing with sexual abuse and assault cases. Due to the incredibly difficult and personal nature of those cases we were obviously not allowed to see patients, but the description from the staff there was very helpful and I’m glad that those very safe and private services exist. Everything about the centre was built for maximum patient comfort and security, and the fact that it’s manned 24/7/365 is a testament to how passionate the staff are about it.