Year 2 Day 24 - Surgeon Simulator (3/09/2018)

Lectures on tuberculosis and thoracic medical imaging in the morning - CBL was also a TB-focused case, which brought up (no pun intended) a ton of interesting discussion. Particular points raised included ‘when is haemoptysis really haemoptysis’, ‘at what stage are we worried this cough might be TB’ and ‘can we detain this patient because we think they might have TB and it would be dangerous for them to leave’.


In the evening we played a few rounds of ‘Surgeon Simulator’ from BossaStudios, and by ‘played a few rounds’ I mean we bashed our heads against a bloody brick wall completely unable to perform a heart transplant.

I genuinely believe that performing actual heart surgery on an actual person is easier than doing it inside Surgeon Simulator.