Year 2 Day 25 - Problem Solving: Diagnosis (04/09/2018)

I slept late (boo) but did make it to the med school in time for an amazing lecture on homelessness and vulnerable patients from Dr Susan Rutherford, who set up a homeless shelter in Leamington Spa. Having lived in Leamington last year, the number of homeless people did shock me for such an affluent area, and the talk was particularly focused on being non-judgmental when it comes to patients who may be dismissed, such as those with drug addictions.


The afternoon held a diagnosis and problem-solving session, which was about coming to differential diagnoses in a logical, structured way and presenting them properly to an examiner.

In other news, I’ve had a few really quite successful meetings over the last few days about a conference day I’m trying to organise, focused on widening participation in medicine - more news to come.