Year 2 Day 29 - Long Wait (08/10/2018)

We left the house at 8.15 and did not make it to the hospital until 10.10. What is normally a 20 minute journey took just shy of 2 hours. Thanks M6 traffic.

I arrived very late to the Bedside Teaching session with one of the doctors, who was thankfully very understanding and had me perform a whistle-stop neuro upper limb exam before the wrapup discussion started. I actually got to see some quite cool signs - dysdiadochokinesia (inability to perform rapidly alternating movements), pronator drift and hypermetria. I won’t explain those right now as I am extremely tired.

The afternoon was an SDL for me so I headed briefly to the wards to practice my neuro exam further, then headed to the library and wrote up a couple of lectures from the end of last week. I really need to get on with Anki-fying the lectures so far for future revision.