Year 2 Day 57 - Complex Case (05/11/2018)

My penultimate bedside teaching session today - made somewhat more difficult by the fact that I’ve been temporarily struck deaf in my right ear due to excess wax. Gross but true, so when I was taking my patient history today I was always slightly facing the right.

Without going into detail, it was a fairly complicated case where the proper investigations and tests had not been performed yet, so it was quite interesting to work without that final conclusion and reason around the most likely diagnosis. I also think that seeing presentations like that are more likely to help me remember things long term, as you can associate a set of symptoms to a face and a character in your mind.

Managed to make it home reasonably early and upload an interview I’ve been trying to get out for a while - a chat with my housemate Emily about her transition from A&E nurse to medical student here at Warwick.