Day 142 - Intro to Block 4 (12/02/2018)

Welcome to the fourth and penultimate block, ladies and gentlemen. In the morning we had our introduction to the content we'll be trying to digest through the next few weeks, and a warning about the amount of new things to learn. Fabulous.

At least the one saving grace for me is that this sounds like a lot of anatomy, with comparatively reduced physiology and pharmacology, both of which are things I can get very much on board with. We had lectures on general principles of musculoskeletal anatomy, haematopoiesis (manufacture of new blood cells) and palpable masses - how to describe lumps and bumps, and different things they could be.

I was still very much ill and coughed and spluttered my way through, but thankfully the other group was on clinical skills in the afternoon, so we were free to head home (and crucially I could sleep, which I did).