Day 143 - No Hospital Today (13/02/2018)

Woke up feeling very groggy - got very little sleep, despite trying extremely hard. I made the executive decision to avoid going to hospital today. This was due not only to a likelihood of infecting whatever patient was unfortunate enough to come into contact with me, but also because I couldn't stand up. I thought that would make some of the physical exams quite difficult to perform.

There was another added complication in the form of my case report that was due in today. The timeline was quite simple - I had met my patient last Wednesday to carry out the consultation, the notes from which were in my book. Thursday had been the formative, and Friday in hospital. Because I'd then been semi-conscious virtually all weekend (semi being employed very generously here), this report was not actually done.

I slept away most of the morning and then hammered out my best attempt at a case report (including an associated evidence-based essay) just hoping the words were somewhat correct. Full transparency, I don't expect it to pass, given the circumstances it was written under. We have to submit two by May I believe, one of which has to pass. We are allowed to resubmit after feedback, so I thought it better so hand something in and act on the feedback, which hopefully won't read 'do it again but better'.