Day 144 - Falling Behind (14/02/2018)

I think the problem with being ill here is not the irritating symptoms or risk of infecting other people, it's mainly the falling-behind aspect, which even after one day is being felt. I went to the first lecture today on bone malformation, and realised very quickly that I'd missed the lecture yesterday on what bones were actually supposed to look like.

With that in mind, I elected to miss the next two in view of catching up with the previous ones, and then spending the evening going through the ones from today. So I'm effectively a day behind, trying to catch up without the visual cues from a lecturer on some quite complicated muscle anatomy. Annoying.

Additionally, I was so exhausted from lack of sleep at night that I just retired immediately on getting home. Vaporub, usually my go-to in these situations seems to be doing absolutely nothing to relieve the symptoms. I have tissue rammed in each nostril to stem the flow of runny fluid, so I have to mouth breathe, which is what's making it extremely difficult to sleep. Hopefully this won't persist too much longer.