Day 146 - Hips & Knees (16/02/2018)

Thankfully every single symptom of my illness has disappeared, apart from an extremely harsh cough that doubles me over in pain whenever it comes on. Small mercies.


Today we learned how to perform exams of the hips and knee, testing their range of motion and checking for abnormalities in form and function. Compared to the last few things we've done (e.g. psychiatric histories) these were actually very simple and would be fantastic OSCEs to have. We also practiced some focused histories to get used to dealing with presentations of pain in these areas.

The afternoon was anatomy of the hip and gluteal region, mainly looking at the associated muscles and nerves. Although there's a lot to get used to, I'm finding this area very interesting, as it's very easy to understand how things work from a mechanical perspective, not to mention some of the muscles have memorable names. The prime example is sartorius (the longest muscle in the body), named as such because when all of its functions are used at once you sit cross-legged, just as tailors apparently historically did when working.


Dungeons and dragons again in the evening, wherein we wound up in a very convoluted trap setting and approximately 60 seconds of in-game time took more than an hour to resolve. You have to really like rolling dice.