Day 147 - Not Conferencing (17/02/2018)

Today I was supposed to be at a surgical conference in Birmingham. Today I did not go to a surgical conference in Birmingham, because of the thought of going in my current state (where I double over in pain from a slight cough) was monumentally unappealing.

Instead I've had a domestic day, getting my room in order and making a list of revision topics and diagrams I want to make.

Time to get real - over the last week, I've been really starting to feel the stress of the course mounting as we now have 14 weeks remaining until finals. I feel like I know extremely little, and the amount I need to go over is absolutely astronomical. Speaking personally, this is the hardest academic challenge I've ever had to deal with and it's been making me doubt myself substantially.

Quick run out before sunset

Quick run out before sunset

I've talked to a few coursemates about it and we all feel similarly - it's not really a case of being scared of the exams as such, it's just that we really have no idea at all whether we can pass them. They're obviously doable, because the fail rate of the course is less than 10% for each year, but then it's very easy to be the least capable in a room full of very smart people.