Day 130 - NeuroSoc Clinical Careers (01/02/2018)

Today was a long day indeed. We started the last CBL case of the block, with our patient so far appearing to have some sort of neurodegenerative disease - we're thinking something like Alzheimer's disease, but we don't have quite enough information as of yet.

In the afternoon we had a personal & professional development (PPD) session, which was actually much more useful than I think any of us were expecting. We were given a few tasks to complete, including assigning a series of roles to the member of our CBL group they matched according to a set of given characteristics. For example, the rest of my group had me down as a 'Resource Investigator' (able to resource and find new knowledge) and 'Implementer' (translates ideas into action and gets things done). Crucially this allowed us to work out the areas we were potentially missing out on exploring fully, although thankfully we did have at least one person matched into every category.

Big thanks to Lush (and our other sponsors) for donating a ton of prizes

Big thanks to Lush (and our other sponsors) for donating a ton of prizes

In the evening the Neuroscience Society hosted a clinical careers in neuroscience evening, featuring speakers from a range of disciplines including neurology, neurophysiology, stroke medicine and neurosurgery. I myself was principally there to see the neurosurgeon (who herself was a fantastic speaker and very down to Earth) but the stroke medicine specialist really stole the show - he was extremely funny and entertaining. It was a real reminder that there's so many specialties that I simply could not have received any exposure to yet, and to keep my eyes open and receptive.

Getting home was an irritating experience - we didn't leave the event until about half past ten, and the first bus that showed up 15 minutes later was full (somehow) and drove straight past.