Day 131 - MECCanics (02/02/2018)

Hospital once again, commencing with a short drop in session advising us on how to carry out the patient case reports we need to write. There's some contention over this, because while we know more or less what to do, there is some disparity from the different sets of staff involved with regards to when we actually need to submit them. I hope it gets sorted soon, otherwise there might be some less-than-desirable consequences.

Clinical Skills was focused once again on MECC (Making Every Contact Count) and phrasing questions and ideas about lifestyle changes such that they don't sound judgmental and produce positive outcomes. We were dealing with a simulated patient (actor) and had 5 minutes to take a comprehensive interview - I volunteered to go first and get as fresh an interaction with the patient as I could. While I thought I reacted well to his concerns about his weight and diet, and teased out a lot of useful information, I diverted wildly from the standard history approach we are used to and therefore missed bits as well - need to focus on that more next time in the back of my mind.

I ended up doing a lot of anatomical drawing in the afternoon in the library, going through structures from multiple angles and labelling them up. It's laborious but I really enjoy it and I find it really useful as a way to cement my knowledge, particularly as I'm starting to build up a nice folder of them and will be able to look back on them during revision.