Day 151 - More House Hunting (21/02/2018)

CBL in the morning - we concluded the case by going through neurovasculature of the lower limb, taught fantastically by our group's resident anatomist. We were able to see the imaging report and blood results for our patient who had fallen and was exposed for some time, and I think we got a lot out of the case despite it being relatively simple.

Amazing little cakes were brought in for CBL

Amazing little cakes were brought in for CBL

Got some lectures written up in the time opposite CBL, then headed home in the afternoon to start finally putting the videos together from the Clinical Careers in Neurosciences evening. Two so far are available online (stroke medicine and neurosurgery) with more to come.

We went house hunting once again in the evening and found a couple more potential places - bedroom space is really the important factor for our group, and very frustratingly a lot of houses are marketed as '4 bed' despite the fourth bedroom being tiny to the point of ridiculousness.


More anatomy drawing in the evening to supplement the ongoing lectures, mainly focusing on the distal lower limb and foot at the moment.