Day 152 - Bone Meccano (22/02/2018)

Thursday means new CBL case, and we were presented with a patient that appears to have damaged their ankle in some fashion. This meant a whistlestop tour through ankle injuries, normal foot anatomy (which I taught), ankle anatomy and the ins-and-outs of arthritis.

Only two lectures in the afternoon, on calcium homeostasis and rheumatoid arthritis - it's probably these two that we'll submit to our student seminar group to go over during Monday evening's session.


The real highlight from the day was attending an event put on by the Surgical Society all about Trauma & Orthopaedics. I was very hesitant about going because it's not really an area that has interested me before, but it seemed like a good opportunity and I'm very glad I went along. It was half talks from trainee and consultant surgeons, with the other half being a highly interactive workshop wherein we were tasked with constructing frames around bones (which we drilled through) to strengthen them and prevent them from moving.


It was a fantastic change to get hands on and the trainers were all very enthusiastic and helpful - a testament to the field and an area I'm looking to gain more experience in as a result.