Day 153 - GALs GALs GALs (23/02/2018)

GALs screening today, which is a routine test designed to establish whether or not a patient has a problem pertaining to their legs, arms, gait or spine. This was paired with a general spinal examination - both of these were pretty sensible and simple processes, which would be really good OSCEs to get come finals season (fingers crossed).

Anatomy of the foot and ankle in the afternoon - thankfully had managed to complete virtually all of the anatomy book and was pretty on it. Once again it makes such a difference going through it beforehand, it's just a question of finding time to do it among the million other things we should really be doing.


Managed to make a start on next week's anatomy tonight, which will hopefully allow the streak of actually appearing to know things to continue. For some reason I also decided that making a diagram of the branches of the sciatic nerve would be useful, so there's that.