Day 154 - Domestics (24/02/2018)

Very boring day in which I accomplished very little academically but got a lot of mundane stuff done. Changed bedsheets, rang my parents, bought groceries, that kind of thing. The sort of tasks that you more or less have to do to keep surviving as a functionally proper human being but given the choice you'd just accept the endless void that awaits us all. Apart from calling my parents of course, I get along well with them.


The upshot however was heading to uni and playing D&D in the evening, wherein my character learned to do some useful things (levitating objects into the air and teleporting) but was also mauled to death by a group of angry giant rats and failed 2/3 death saving rolls. Essentially what happened was: my character attacked the rats first, inflicted very little damage to the horde and was then subsequently abandoned by his party as they ran for the door. If I had failed another roll my character would have been completely dead and removed from the game. Thankfully he was saved, and lives to probably die another day.