Day 155 - DRAWING (25/02/2018)

When I was buying groceries yesterday, my eye was caught by a large collection of Sharpie pens for half price - for the record when buying permanent markers, just go for Sharpies. It saves a lot of disappointment and frustration when colour consistency isn't quite right.


I spent virtually the entire day drawing out structures from our entire workload so far, as well as working out simplified way to diagram processes from earlier blocks such as the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone cycle and calcium homeostasis, among others. My logic is that if I can spend the time now to work out the simplest ways of getting lecture content onto paper, I don't have to do it later and it should all come flooding back when it comes to proper revision.


I'm building up a reasonable collection of drawings now, which are based on Grey's Anatomy illustrations and 3D models, with more detail added through looking through specialist textbooks and websites. A lot of them are in far more detail than we need to know at this stage (particular with regards to surface features of bones and the like) but I like having a complete reference that I can look to in the future if I do need that more in-depth knowledge.

I plan on scanning them all and uploading them to this website at some point before Easter, so hopefully they can be useful for other students preparing for finals.