Day 156 - Case Report Patient 2 (26/02/2018)

We technically had the (very cold) morning off, but myself and a colleague headed back to George Eliot hospital to impose ourselves on some poor unsuspecting patient and consume several hours of their time. We were pointed to a lovely lady who was more than willing to talk to us, and was actually a fairly simple case, at least compared to our first one. Only a couple of major issues and a fairly reduced drug list - what's not to love.

Outside the hospital post-patient interaction

Outside the hospital post-patient interaction

Somewhat bizarrely, midway through our history taking, a group of doctors turned up to see the patient and we just sort of awkwardly stood there while they went about their business. It was essentially a case of not making eye contact and praying not to be asked a question that we inevitably wouldn't be able to answer.

They left shortly thereafter, and we completed the various exams and sections of our proformas without any issue. It did take us until the early afternoon to complete (including going through the relevant documents and imaging), but I put this down to making much more of an effort to explain to the patient what we were doing (or attempting to do) at each stage of the exams. She seemed very interested in what we were looking for at each step, so it turned into a case of balancing my own ineptitude against giving away as little as possible - the one thing we must absolutely not do is give any sort of diagnosis or medical statement.

Came back to uni, cracked through a CBL presentation and frantically tried to learn a bit of autoimmunity before student seminar in the evening. Was very kindly given a lift back to Leamington by one of the teachers and copied up my notes from the day. Productive little time.