Day 157 - Pectoral Girdles (27/02/2018)

Plenty of anatomy today - we had a fantastic talk on lower limb and joint injuries from one of the orthopaedic surgeons who has started demonstrating in our anatomy sessions in hospital on Fridays. It was quite varied and covered a lot so I'm not sure how examinable the content is, but it would have been well worth going to even it was completely optional.

We moved on to the pectoral girdle afterwards, which attaches the upper limb to the skeleton - in the case of humans this is the scapula and clavicle. It turns out that the medial end of my right clavicle is slightly larger than my left, which the lecturer pointed out to us is likely a consequence of leaning on the corresponding elbow more than the other side. The stress on the bone increases calcium deposition, leading to the increased size.


In the evening I created a few checklists for some of our OSCE examinations, which we'll be using tomorrow morning for some clinical skills practice before CBL. I used the basic handbooks we're given to learn and combined this with hints and tips from two useful clinical skills textbooks to add some extra flair.