Day 132 - Attempted Artistry (03/02/2018)

Not a huge amount to report from today - worked through a bunch more lectures from Block 1 and tried to put them into diagram form. I find that having a spatial structure to remember (and colour if I remember to incorporate it) really helps me to put the pieces together, as it were.

Also started drawing out a few more anatomical structures - lower digestive tract, that sort of thing, with the arteries and venous drainage routes mapped out. Fundamentally though I did not use the diagrams from our lecture slides, but instead used Complete Anatomy as a guideline and translated the 3D image onto the 2D drawing. For some reason I find remembering the names of each vessel much simpler if I work through it this way.

Lastly, started work on a draw-along-anatomy video - the goal being that students can learn anatomy by drawing along slowly to the video and labelling things one step at a time. Personally speaking I find this approach far more intuitive than simply being shown a large diagram and told to learn it.