Day 134 - Last Week of Brains (05/02/2018)

Okay, last week of block 3 - happy for it to nearly be over, not because the content isn't interesting, it's just that the pace is challenging to keep up with.

Spent the morning in hospital, where we were with a very lovely consultant and patient - the patient had some problems which seemed to be hepatic or pancreatic in nature, and had noticeable jaundice. It was a fairly short interaction, but it really reinforced the idea that some of these features we're told to look for are hard to understand without actually having seen what they're supposed to look like. I couldn't tell you what a murmur or wheeze properly sounds like right now, for example.

Really notable point - after the case, our doctor took us to the cafe area and we had a full debrief on the case, going through relevant physiology and aetiology of liver failure. She apparently had the whole period assigned for teaching us, and chose to stay with us despite having the opportunity to leave. That kind of contact really makes a difference and makes us feel much more welcome.

We also lined up a couple of patients to speak to about the case reports we have to do. This will involve taking histories from them and carrying out a few of the examinations we've been taught, then recording the results along with relevant medications and management plans. We were planning on using the patient we saw today, who is happy to be involved, but he may well be discharged by the time we come back on Wednesday.