Day 136 - Case Report 1 (07/02/2018)

We concluded our last CBL case of the block, a patient with Dementia with Lewy Bodies - pulling out the final diagnosis was a bit more tricky, given that the patient also appeared to have symptoms of delirium and the fact that you can't confirm the diagnosis until after the patient is dead in this case. Still, we set out a reasonable management plan and tried to consider as many extraneous factors as we could, and it was a harmonious end to the block.

A few of us spent the afternoon with a patient in hospital getting the information we need to write our first case reports - this involved carrying out general, neurological, cardiovascular and respiratory examinations as well as taking a detailed history. Unfortunately we weren't able to see either of the two patients we had planned to, but the lady we did end up seeing was incredibly welcoming and helpful, and we ended up chatting to her for nearly three hours.

After the consultation, we were able to log onto the record-keeping system and access the relevant histories, investigation results and imaging - it was actually really good Block 2 revision as she was a respiratory patient and we were able to see a lot of consolidation in the lungs - crackles during the respiratory examination were also extremely clear on auscultation of the lung bases.

Unfortunately had another migraine in the early evening and have slept the entire night away. Currently just after midnight - probably won't sleep very well now, but will try regardless.