Day 137 - Failed Formative (08/02/2018)

Today we concluded the lecture teaching for the Brain and Behaviour Block, which has so far been my favourite - challenging in terms of the amount of new information but very interesting.

After the morning lectures we went through to the nearby town of Kenilworth to look at a potential house for next year, after which myself and a coursemate departed for Leamington Library to complete the Block 3 formative. Unfortunately I only passed the SAQ (short answer question) component and failed the multiple choice questions, which means a fail overall, but I'm happy with how I did. I've felt like I've retained much less of this block than the others, which at the moment I suspect to be the result of trying to revise earlier material at the same time. Thankfully SocPop saved the day in the SAQs - the mark density for small amounts of knowledge is outrageous, particularly when I think about the amount of anatomy questions we could have been asked.

Coffee and cake afterwards, of course

Coffee and cake afterwards, of course

As a result, my plan for Block 4 is to try and consolidate material from that day each evening, and then if I have any time left, use it for other material. I might have a word with my tutor about this and see what she thinks - I think I perhaps need some advice on this subject, seeing as we have another 5 weeks of teaching and then Easter, so there's still time to make a change.

We went to look for another house in the evening, which seems to be the one we've settled on, all going well with reserving the booking. Drinks and Scrabble followed, as they so often do. We're all a little weary after Block 3, but thankfully apparently Block 4 is interesting if you like anatomy, so there's that.