Day 167 - Hand & Shoulder Exams (09/03/2018)

Hospital was thankfully not cancelled this week as we seem to have had the last of the snow for now. We've missed the session on breaking bad news and it hasn't been mentioned again thus far, so I can only assume it's a skill we'll never learn as a year group and become of the most insensitive and callous cohorts ever to pass through the doors. Of course we may well have already been that but this certainly won't help things.

We learned how to perform shoulder exams and how to assess the hands, both of which are reasonably simple and would make good OSCEs to have. I'm starting to develop the opinion that the earlier exams we are taught (respiratory, cardiovascular etc.) are actually the harder ones, but this may just be down to gaining confidence and understanding more about anatomy and physiology as we've progressed through the year.

In the afternoon was anatomy of the forearm and hand, again taught extremely well - this block's anatomy sessions have been consistently excellent and very enjoyable as a result. I feel like I have a decent grip (no pun intended) on the anatomy this block, as nothing is particularly abstract and it makes sense from a mechanical point of view.

A bunch of us realised over lunch that we were wearing matching trousers - got to keep the aesthetic consistent you know.