Day 169 - Slow Sunday (11/03/2018)

Whatever train of productivity I was on yesterday must have horrifically derailed and crashed between then and today. Caught up on a few lectures I'd neglected during the week, and slowly wandered into town, ringing my parents on the way (Mother's Day, of course).

I also picked up a gift each on behalf of our group for the two ladies that manage our community placement in Southam - both healthcare workers themselves who facilitate our being able to meet with patients in the community, arranging external speakers to come and talk to us and running the reflective sessions where we consider how things have gone and present our patient cases. A lot of effort must go into it, and I think it's safe to say we've got an enormous amount out of the placements, even with our relatively limited knowledge bases. It's been much more about the subtle skills required, such as being able to ask questions about potentially very sensitive areas - luckily in all of the cases I've seen the patients have been very obliging.