Day 170 - The Modern Medical Student (12/03/2018)

Having made the mistake of napping from 7pm-10pm last night, I got a combined total of zero hours between returning to bed and leaving for uni this morning. Sleep cycle well and truly ruined.

Several lectures on limb injury and a more-interesting-than-I-was-expecting talk on disability and the different ways you can look at that term. I have a friend who is an enormous disability activist (by which I mean he's very passionate - he himself is normal sized, though still considerably taller than myself) - you can check out some of his writings here.


In the evening I filmed a talk given by the older brother of one of my coursemates - Cambridge graduate and now doctor Chris Lovejoy. Chris wrote a book entitled 'The Modern Medical Student Manual', which I do have a copy of and recommend to any would-be medical students or indeed existing medical students. His talk, much like the book, was full of useful advice on effectively learning materal, retaining it and making the most out of the limited time you have, to become both a better scholar and practicing medic.A fantastic talk, I picked up a few revision techniques I've not come across before and I'm sure will serve me well during the Easter period.