Day 173 - Block 4 Formative (15/03/2018)

Another week almost over, another block virtually finished. We had some very interesting (and anxiety-intensifying) talks on the details of our assessment process, explaining exactly how the scores are calculated, what we need to do to pass and the ins and outs of resits. Essentially we'll sit 3 written papers in early June, two MCQ papers and the SAQ paper, followed by OSCEs the week after. We need to pass all three components (MCQ, SAQ and OSCE) to a satisfactory percentage, which is decided based on the questions that come up in the exams. Assuming we manage that, we can proceed to second year.

We had a reflective session on learning styles and methods in the afternoon, which was a useful exercise, after which I headed home to complete the Block 4 formative. I've actually really enjoyed this block as the content doesn't seem too thinly spread - areas are developed quite well and it's interesting when matching nerve and muscle problems to the signs and symptoms you'd see. I passed closed book which I'm happy with, and ready to hit the ground running with serious revision come Easter.