Day 175 - Timetabled (17/03/2018)

I did no medicine today, which was a nice change. I was still thinking about medicine however, because I very much wanted to get my revision timetable finished. I eventually managed that, and it's all pleasingly nerdy and colour coded with contingencies and the like.

So nerdy it hurts

So nerdy it hurts

I've made a list of every single task I have to do and grouped things by block and then by content area - Block 2 for example is heart and lungs, so I'll have a couple of days of resp and a couple of cardiology, and so on. I can then tick when I've written up the notes (N), made any further materials such as diagrams or lists that I want to (M) and finally revised through Anki (A).

We have a 5 week break after which Block 5 will commence, so this coming Monday essentially marks 10 weeks until exams. This timetable allows me to cover all the material in 4 weeks if I stick to it very rigidly, although the extra 7 days off obviously gives me time to move things around if I need to and have an occasional day off. I've also written a couple of reflections based on things that have happened recently just so I can have them for posterity and get used to the process of keeping my portfolio up to date.

An important point to bring up is that I mentioned trying to create a culture of sharing resources in a personal and professional development session earlier this week. There are unfortunately some people who are so competitive that they'll try and edge people out, which is not an attitude I care for much. I uploaded this timetable and my complete task list so that other people in the year could use if it they wanted to, and got plenty of messages of thanks, which was really nice. It did take a lot of work to put together, but as far as I'm concerned the more people that pass the better, because I know what getting here meant to me, and I'd be heartbroken if that were jeopardised.