Day 178 - REVISION: Basics (20/02/2018)

Going back to absolute basics today, good ol' cell biology and endocrinology as well as some basic abdominal anatomy. Thankfully it's mostly come flooding back but there are some key elements that I'd forgotten. Also managed to get my head around thyroid physiology for the first time, which I don't remember having done before. Being able to abstract out elements and draw them diagramatically is so useful for complex topics like this in terms of making memory aids.

Spent the morning in the BioMed grid and worked in the common room in the afternoon - actively trying to gain weight by watching my calorie intake much more closely and so had prepared an enormous lunch of rice, chicken, sausage and vegetables. It was an absolute slog to get through - eating large portions when you're not used to it is much harder than you'd think.