Day 159 - Frozen Over (01/03/2018)

Things are getting very cold and snowy now - we're becoming increasingly unsure of the roads, as the accident rate seems to be shooting up. CBL in the morning, alongside a session on systematic reviews - I quite like that there is teaching on assessing research information, as it's an incredibly important critical thinking tool that doesn't always seem to be present in the wider population (at least not the journalists).

Two lectures in the afternoon on joint infections and the mechanism of action of antibiotics, which was less about the actual mechanisms and more a list of the uses of various kinds of antibiotic - interesting nonetheless.


We went to have a look at the pond near the med school very briefly to find that it had completely frozen over, and no amount of prodding it with a large stick was going to undo it. We spared a moment to think of the campus ducks and how difficult their lives must be in this challenging time.

In the evening I attended a meeting with the Horizons committee, a pseudo-society which runs trauma-themed events in hospitals to widen access to healthcare careers, particularly focusing on schools in deprived areas. I took on the role of Communications Officer, basically facilitating contact between the various parties involved and making sure everyone knows what's going on.