Day 160 - Snow Day (02/03/2018)

We received an email quite late last night indicating that hospital teaching would be cancelled today, and we therefore had a free day. I think most people in my situation would have attempted to be moderately productive or use the opportunity to better themselves.

I, on the other hand, consumed many hours trying to get a draw-along anatomy video to work, which required many many takes to get right. I was drawing the osteology of the hand, and was marking myself with permanent marker in every take, which required the industrial alcohol spray I just happen to have lying around to remove. Got there in the end and got a draft version edited up, which I sent to a few friends for some pre-publishing feedback.

In the evening I was picked up by my friend Ed from Kenilworth to head to uni for a D&D session. The journey, while calamity-free, took nearly 90 minutes (it can normally be done in around 15). There were search and rescue vehicles, fire engines and all manner of emergency cover cars hurtling around so I can only assume that something had happened.

When we made it to the Gibbet Hill campus, there was an enormous pileup of cars clearly stretching all the way down the hill and around back to the main road. This was because the ice towards the top of the hill had compacted and wheels were just spinning on it. We jumped out and started pushing cars between us to get them over this patch, and it was one of those rare moments of human unity where people started doing the same all down the hill, and eventually it started moving again.

Representation of one of the things that happened

Representation of one of the things that happened

Needless to say we wanted to get the most out of the D&D session, which ended up running from 6.30pm until 2.30am, with many thousands of calories having been consumed during that period. The others refused to count exactly how many.