Day 164 - Last Community Patient (06/03/2018)

Today we were back at our community base to see our third and final patient, which turned out to be a lady with a reproductive health problem. What was slightly different with this case was that she had a very young baby with her during our interview, which very much changed the dynamic of the talk - it was punctuated every two or three minutes by the baby rolling around or needing to have spit wiped off his face.

Oddly enough, the comparison I was drawing in my head was between some of the earlier patients our colleagues had seen who had been carers themselves, despite having a seriously debilitating condition of their own to deal with. The point I'm inadequately trying to make is that in a significant caring position, the person's own health difficulties become almost totally irrelevant to them, which is both incredibly admirable and potentially dangerous. Learning to spot situations like that is going to be a really important skill and something I'm going to do my best to read around and ask GPs that I meet for their input on the matter.


In the evening we headed out to celebrate my housemate's birthday - a nice change from the dirt cheap meals I've been living off without any loan money present.