Feeling 22 (I'll fix the dates later) (23/04/2018)

I'm back! Day 1 of block 5 marks not only our return to med school but also my 22nd birthday, and as luck would have it, another royal baby (that they can't even call George because they jumped the gun on that one).

It was rather uneventful as birthdays go, in for some lectures on child development and the female reproductive system and then some studying in the evening. The studying was thankfully derailed by the arrival of pizza, and accompanied by student-favourite cheap Tesco cake.

I've also realised as a total aside that if you pay attention to Taylor Swift's '22', which I was sent MANY times throughout the day, there's a line in there about forgetting about deadlines and enjoying ourselves. With that sort of blasé attitude Taylor Swift would never pass medical school.

When I made it home quite late in the evening my two medic housemates had set up a surprise birthday cake for me, which I never cottoned onto despite in retrospect receiving all the visible cues in the world. It was very cute and I wished that we could all pass our exams, but I did actually say it out loud so I believe by the rules of cake wishes it probably can't come true now.

Still, a fantastic birthday.