Breast Exams (11/05/2018)

A weird one. Today in hospital we had our final (I think) OSCE exam of the year to learn, the breast exam. How this essentially worked is we were given 'breast harnesses' (?) to wear, which could have their inner pads removed to allow the placement of lumps and bumps within.

We were taken through the general process of performing the procedure, with by far the most attention paid to the preamble, explaining properly to the patient exactly what you will be doing and consenting them properly (including offering to provide a chaperone and 100% definitely never using the word 'feel' at any point in the process).

The anatomy session in the afternoon was a mix of revision, breast anatomy and pathology, and the placenta, which occupied a double station. This was split into a hands-on fresh tissue station examining the components of the placenta itself and relevant structures, and an explanation of the practical diagnostic process when trying to identify whether systems in the foetus are working properly.

The Beast

The Beast

Back to D&D in the evening at the medical school, during which we ordered 'The Beast', a 24" pizza from a nearby takeaway that occupied a huge part of the table, and later the stomachs of seven hungry boys.