The Amateur Transplant (10/05/2018)

Today former doctor and current musical comedian Adam Kay came to give a talk to a bunch of medical students, myself included. He released a series of his diary entries recorded during his medical career, which chronicled his journey from junior doctor to senior obs & gynae registrar - many hilarious and equally many heartbreakingly sad.

I was lucky enough to grab a drink with him after the talk, and got another copy of his book signed to give away for my YouTube channel! He also very kindly sorted me a pair of tickets for his proper show at the Warwick Arts Centre that evening, which my housemate was thrilled about (big fan). It was a combination of readings from his book and medical parodies of popular songs, as well as occasionally ribbing on a psychiatrist in the audience.

The man himself (and Adam, obviously)

The man himself (and Adam, obviously)

The show ended rather unexpectedly not with jokes but with a very serious short monologue about the state of the NHS, particularly with regards to its management by the infamous Jeremy Hunt - it was a very positive message to the doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff of the UK, and was deeply inspiring to hear even for the few of us humble medical students that were in the audience.

For further reading, you can buy his best-selling book here (an absolute must-read for anyone with even the vaguest of interests in the NHS). Equally listen to some tracks from the medical-themed musical act The Amateur Transplants.