Filming Day (25/07/2018)

A very interesting day to be sure - myself and two colleagues spent a full day filming at the medical school for some exciting projects (hopefully more to report soon!), which turned out to be quite a challenge indeed. We needed both wide and close shots filming at the same time, plus lighting and sound issues as well as having just two cameras to try and capture what we needed. We didn't come close to achieving what we'd set as our target for the day, but it was a very good learning experience in terms of preparing us for the difficult realities of these more ambitious projects and we'll be much more efficient next time.

I was determined to get at least one workable video from the day and was able to sit down with Ed, a coursemate of mine who comes from a psychology background and ask him a few of the questions that I've been sent over the last little while about making the transition to medical school.

Towards the end of the day, we got chatting to a few staff members about how things had gone in the year - as many of you know there's a general low morale in our year at this point - essentially more people failed than we were necessarily expecting. To their credit, I was impressed by how engaged the staff were about the situation and their willingness to take our points of view onboard. They seemed quite interested in what we were doing too and offered to review it before it gets published, which is something we will very much be asking them to do.