Many Interviews (30/01/2018)

I've decided to really go ahead on this idea and try and build up a collection of conversations with various medical students at Warwick about their backgrounds and stories. I've often focused on the questions and worries that I personally had when applying, but that often means that I miss some very genuine fears that those applying also hold.

I was absolutely amazed at the engagement I got when requesting questions on social media - I wanted to know what to ask of each person in question, and see whether there was any clustering of particular ideas and queries within disciplines; this was, as you might expect, very much the case.

I'm very conscious that these will take a very large amount of editing to do properly, and I'm a bit frustrated that I elected not to bring along better lighting equipment as the low light performance of my camera can quite readily be sniffed at. Regardless, I think the core messages came through well and I'm very excited to be able to get them out in the near future, to think that we'll be collectively reaching many more people with those valuable lived experiences and advice.

Across the day I managed to speak to graduates of biomedical sciences, photography, paramedic sciences, pharmacy and history who are all now enrolled on the medical degree programme at Warwick.