Horizons and Further Filming (31/08/2018)

This morning I headed to UHCW to assist with a widening access to healthcare careers day, run as part of a project called Horizons which I'm now lucky to sit on the committee of. The general gist is that the days encourage soon-to-be A level students to consider the very wide range of careers offered by the NHS, including midwifery, nursing, paramedic training and of course medicine.

Will, a paramedic-turned-medical-student delivering his trauma station

Will, a paramedic-turned-medical-student delivering his trauma station

My involvement consisted of pretending to be an unconscious casualty for a demonstration of the principles of trauma assessment (a role most befitting of my acting abilities), and then running one of the 3 stations of the day. The idea was that smaller groups of students would rotate around each of the events and have a go at a hands-on activity - this would be either chest trauma management, an obstetrics/abdo exam station or neurorehabilitation, the station I was running.

All in all given that we were very much understaffed (the 3 of us to run the entire day) and we ran into almost every single problem possible (no IT access at the start, missing kit, my lack of experience having never even attended one of these events, let alone run a station), it all came off reasonably well.

My station involved explaining the different professions involved in rehabilitation, including physiotherapists, OTs, speech and language therapists etc, and then having kids volunteer to become patients, walking on crutches while unable to use their leg or moving a wheelchair with one arm. After this I gave demonstrations of nasogastric tube insertion, which I had very hastily learned to do from one of the second years earlier that morning.

The kids were fantastically receptive, and had many questions about applying for these careers, admittedly mostly medicine, but there was a real range present too.

In the evening I went back to the uni and completed two more video interviews, one expanding on the 'medicine as a parent' theme from another video and the second a biomedical science graduate. A very long day indeed and I'm extremely tired, but a worthwhile venture indeed.