Ostend-tacious (16/08/2018)

Got back from Belgium today - myself and a friend from school decided we'd make a short trip away to Europe just to catch up and make sure we go somewhere so we don't work straight through the summer.


With this in mind, we opted for a cheap-and-cheerful minicruise, which gets you a 3 day round trip including meals and a day visit in a European city - we've done a couple of these before but had never seen the seaside town of Ostend so there we headed.

Interestingly Ostend was apparently based on traditional English seaside towns such as Scarborough under the instructions of Leopold II. The place was essentially a very long beach promenade with a smattering of museums and restaurants in the centre.

While not an enormously interesting locale, it did feature perhaps my finest moment in medicine so far. We were on a boat trip in the harbour and I saw that a young boy had cut his hand. I leapt into action and like a pouncing preclinical panther deftly cleaned the cut and applied a plaster. His mother didn't speak English but the look in her eyes said one thing: 'hero'. MSF, you'll find my CV in your inbox.

Regardless, it was an interesting visit and definitely worth dropping in if you're passing through Belgium!