Year 2 Day 1 - Back In The Saddle (11/09/2018)

Alright, here goes Year 2 of the GEP at Warwick Medical School.

In at 9am – we picked up our introduction packs, which included new anatomy handbooks, new clinical skills books and our CLO timetables (clinical learning opportunities, sessions we have with various health practitioners to learn about their specific areas of expertise – mine are in radiology, tissue viability and sexual abuse). We had to elect our preferences a while ago for these and the only one I can think of that I didn’t get is pathology in the morgue, so I’m pretty happy with what I’ve been allocated.


The day started with some introductory lectures to explain the structure of the next 11 weeks. We’ve just entered AC1 (Advanced Cases 1) which covers the core preclinical science it was not possible to squeeze into the first year, as well increasing clinical contact to prepare us for being on the wards full time come January.

We have another set of exams similar to our first year almost exactly a year from now, so at least the pressure’s off for a little while. The clinical partner process was also explained to us – our CP is someone we will be on the wards with at least until the end of the year and potentially until the end of the course itself. I have a CP pretty much in place, but need to do a final check with her before I submit the form – job for tomorrow.

We headed to main campus to grab lunch, having not had time to do any batch cooking for lunches as of yet and came back to some rather interesting lectures on cognitive development and unconscious bias, as well as sources of error in decision making. Definitely important to reflect on for future interactions, and apparently very examinable.

In the evening we were all quite tired after our first full day and had a slow one. I got one of the two lectures written up and turned into Anki notes and have finally done a first batch cook – carbonara with freshly cracked black pepper, if anyone is interested. I’ve also assembled a second desk in my bedroom, the goal being to have one as a PC/editing station base and the other for writing notes and filming videos on with a clean surface.

Our house is firmly without internet until the 18th which is a royal pain, but we will make do by scrounging off the uni wifi as much as humanly possible while there. Excited to have my first SSC (student-selected component) session tomorrow which focuses on Medical Education, so let’s see what the day brings.