Year 2 Day 2 - New Groups (11/09/2018)

With an absent lecturer in the morning, the medical school played 2 recorded lectures in the main lecture theatre to apparently about 10 students. The rest of us decided to cover these in our own time and we headed in just after 10, to sort out some paperwork and then attend a talk on the new portfolio system we need to start using.

In the afternoon we met our new CBL groups - in my case I have met everyone in the group at least once before and am happy with the arrangement. We have all kept at least 1 person from our previous first year group and it just so happens that I have kept my clinical partner Jodie - despite what I can only assume to be her best efforts, she hasn’t escaped yet.

This was followed by a talk on assessment in Year 2, which basically served as a reminder that most of us are very much out of the running for potentially gaining honours overall. Exams will be apparently much the same, except with one fewer written paper and all our OSCEs on the same day.

A visual diagram used to identify important components of teaching

A visual diagram used to identify important components of teaching

3pm brought with it the first session of SSC for some of us, the student selected component. We’d previously elected 5 preferences in rank order, with them being randomly allocated as far as I can tell into groups of 12 students. In my case I wound up doing a module in Medical Education, which was my second choice so I’ve done pretty well statistically.

The first session served as an introduction to some basic theories of learning, and a chance to identify the main things we thought made good teachers. I was able to reflect on some of the teaching I’ve done in the past with A level students, as well as the teaching I’ve attempted here during CBL. My key finding was that I tend to gravitate towards teaching methods that I myself find useful when learning, but that may not actually be the best tools for teaching everyone. I need to be mindful therefore to mix my media and try to vary the learning modalities I use in any sessions to cater for all the students present.