Year 2 Day 5 - Back In Hospital (14/09/2018)

Today we had a morning of anatomy back at UHCW - about half the year had their SSCs in the morning, but those of us with SSCs on a Tuesday literally had 90 minutes of anatomy and could then disappear. It’s a shame really - our time with the plastinates is coming to an end. We only had this week and next week as we learned the final parts of the core anatomy teaching, and then we have no more sessions left.

It was a good chance to go over all the core gross anatomy from Year 1 and build our new lymphatics teaching on top of that, thinking particularly about infections and metastases. There were a few new demonstrators too who we spent perhaps too much time with talking about their careers and plans, but such is the way of these things sometimes.

We used the free afternoon to head to the optional neurosurgery teaching we’ve been to before, which for logistical reasons did not end up happening, but we still got the free samosas and chatted to the surgeons there about the possibility of shadowing in theatre, which unfortunately clashed with our clinical sign-in teaching. Ah well.