Year 2 Day 10 - Conkers (19/09/2018)

Not a super busy day by comparison - in at 10 for a lecture on heart failure, then this was followed by 2 lectures focusing on psychiatric history taking and mental state assessment, taught by a psychiatry registrar.

The weather was thankfully stunning today, making the lunchtime walk to main campus very pleasant. Pleasant until the wind caused an unending barrage of conkers - we had to legitimately run through the wood. Very undignified.


CBL case open in the afternoon - we’re starting to notice as a group how much more we seem to be getting out of the cases due to having a much larger repertoire of knowledge to hand. We can quite quickly generate reasonable differential diagnoses and know how to investigate further rather than firing randomly in the dark. These cases also seem to have good levels of SocPop detail in - that is to say that there are elements of things like anxiety and depression that we have to consider alongside the obvious pathology, particularly as we move more towards management.