Year 2 Day 9 - WiFi & PieFi (18/09/2018)

My cold was bad yesterday. It is now very much worse today - my sinuses feel absolutely glued shut. Ah well, at least I know which nerves the pain is being transmitted along thanks to anatomy teaching.

We had CBL case closing in the morning, opposite a lecture on the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease. Rather oddly there wasn’t a ton of scientific data, it was more similar to the sorts of things we’ve covered in SocPop and VLE lectures. Basically, exercise plenty and don’t eat too much salt.

In the afternoon we had two VERY heavy lectures on the anatomy of the neck, particularly its many triangular subdivisions and their contents. It’s becoming very noticeable that although we have fewer lectures in number, they take more effort to go through properly due to increased complexity.

We celebrated our WiFi with Pie, as one does

We celebrated our WiFi with Pie, as one does

Thankfully we also now have WiFi in the house - due to the short contracts on these lets there was nothing left over from the old tenants, but we’re up and running now. Myself and another housemate are very much tech nerds and were thinking about a router with more arms and tentacles than the average octopus, but the bog standard Talktalk affair will do for now.

Another SSC session in the evening, focusing on making effective presentations to large groups of students and how to facilitate good feedback for both teachers and learners. This was actually really interesting and provided some frameworks as to how you can approach feedback in such a way to get the best outcome possible - will be doing plenty of reading around this.